Annual Generator Maintenance

Annual Generator Maintenance

The key to ensuring your generator performs when critically needed is proper annual maintenance.  With an annual maintenance agreement from Bitting Electric you can depend on the experts to provide you with professional, cost effective maintenance plans that meet or exceed manufactures requirements.

When thinking about purchasing a maintenance contract for your Backup Power System consider the following

  • Investment Protection   –   Annual maintenance visits allow our factory trained technicians an opportunity to identify and repair small problems before they escalate into major repairs thus reducing repair costs and extending the overall life of your system.
  • Keeps Warranty Intact   –   Properly executed maintenance programs protect your original equipment warranty.  Most manufactures require regular maintenance to be performed in order to honor any future warranty claims.
  • Peace of Mind  –    Keeping your system maintained is the best way to ensure its flawless operation during a power outage.   With a maintenance contract from Bitting Electric you will have peace of mind knowing your system is ready for the impending storms.

Setting your generators exerciser function is a key component to proper annual maintenance

Although not a substitute for annual maintenance this automatic function will allow the generator to perform a self test that will run the generator for a 20 minute period.  During this time the engine can warm up and run a simple diagnostic to ensure it is well lubricated and producing the proper voltage and frequency.  It is important to set the exerciser to a day and time when you are able to hear the system run.   If you fail to hear the system running on the chosen day and time simply contact Bitting Electric and a service tech can resolve your issue.

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